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TIME: Boys' State will officially open on Sunday, June 9, 2019, and will continue until the following Saturday, June 15, ending with the morning General Assembly. Check-in begins at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday.

LOCATION: We are fortunate to have the facilities of the Wyoming State Fairgrounds in Douglas. The address for the fairgrounds in 400 W. Center St., Douglas, WY.

HOUSING: Each boy will be assigned to a dormitory wing, with 25-50 other boys, which will be a separate “City” at Boys' State. On Saturday, each of the four cities will elect its own officials, namely, a Mayor, three (3) Councilmen, a Judge and a Marshal.

TRANSPORTATION: All arrangements for transportation to and from Boys' State should be made with your local American Legion Post. Contact the Post for these arrangements. No provisions are made for boys arriving in Douglas prior to the opening (2:30 p.m.) on Sunday. If your transportation schedule necessitates an earlier arrival, be prepared to cover your own expenses.

MEDICAL CARE: Medical assistance will be available to all delegates at all times. The facilities of the Converse County Memorial Hospital are available to Boys' State. The American Legion purchases a supplemental health and accident insurance policy covering all of the citizens of Boys' State for the duration of the program.

MAIL and PHONES: We want your parents and friends to write to you during Boys’ State. Please have them address all mail to:(your name), c/o The American Legion Wyoming Boys' State, Douglas, WY 82633. We also urge each delegate to write home. Personal cell phones may be used during free time only. Contact a staff member in case of an emergency.

VISITORS: We encourage parents, family, and friends to visit during Boys' State. Thursday is the designated visitors' day, but you may visit at any time.

PHOTOGRAPHS AVAILABLE: Thompson Photography is with us all week to take a number of photos. All photos will be published on our Flickr website, and are free to download and use as you would like.

PUBLICITY: When releasing publicity on this program, please refer to it as "The American Legion Wonderful Wyoming Boys' State."

CANTEEN: Canteen is operated during free periods. In addition snacks, soft drinks, and candy bars, Boys' State T-shirts may be purchased at the Canteen. Boys may also check their money and other valuables at the Canteen for safekeeping.

NON-PARTISAN: The entire program is non-partisan. Political parties are given fictional names and are in no way connected with existing political parties.

POLITICAL PARTIES: Each boy will be assigned to a political party, either the Frontier or Pioneer Party, and will be required to file for an elective office. On Saturday, the opening day, the political parties will organize and each will elect a chairman, vice chairman and secretary.

ELECTIONS: Primary elections will be held Tuesday afternoon and general elections will be held Thursday morning.

INAUGURATION: Formal inauguration of Boys' State elected officials will be conducted Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. A qualified Judge will officiate at this ceremony.The American Legion extends a cordial invitation to all parents to attend.

LEGISLATURE AND COURTS: Boys will be assigned to the Boys' State Senate, House of Representatives, or the Courts. Boys may volunteer to serve in the Courts. There will be two Legislative and Court sessions each day. Legislative sessions will be conducted under the rules of the Wyoming State Legislature. The Boys' State Senators and Representatives will introduce, debate, and vote on their own bills. Mock trials will be conducted in the Boys' State Court.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY: General Assemblies will be held throughout the week with important speakers from government and private industry.

MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT: Depending on interest, there may be a choir or band formed during the week. Boys should bring their own musical instruments. Boys may also bring material for comedy skits, readings, etc., for talent shows.

RECREATION: Although Boys' State is primarily a place for instruction, ample time will be available for recreation and athletic events, including ping-pong, volleyball, flag football, basketball and soccer, etc. Boys should bring their own gear.

CLOSING DAILY ASSEMBLY: At the conclusion of each evening, a brief non-sectarian chapel service will be held. Boys’ State delegates on a voluntary basis conduct these services.

CHEYENNE DAY: On Friday, the boys will be taken by bus to Cheyenne to visit the State Capitol and meet the elected officials of the State of Wyoming. Also, the Boys' State Legislature will hold a session in the Wyoming State House and Senate Chambers and members of the Boys' State Court will visit the State Supreme Court.

YEARBOOK: A Boys' State yearbook will be published. Boys may volunteer to serve on the yearbook staff.

THE AMERICAN LEGION BOYS’ NATION: Two outstanding boys from the Wyoming American Legion Boys' State will be elected to attend The American Legion Boys' Nation with all expenses paid. This program is held for one week during the month of July, in the Washington D.C. area.

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