What to Bring

Dress code: Long pants, shirts, and shoes must be worn at all times, except for recreation purposes when shorts will be allowed. Hats, tank tops, or shorts will not be allowed in the cafeteria or any official meetings or functions.

- One (1) suit of dress clothes for visit to Capitol
          (dress shirt, tie, dress pants, dress shoes, coat optional)
- Any required medication(s)
- Pillow and pillow case
- Two (2) twin size flat sheets
          (prefer no fitted sheets, quilts or sleeping bags)
- Two (2) blankets
- At least four (4) shirts and/or sweatshirts
- At least two (2) pairs of jeans, khakis or slacks
- Sleepwear
- Underwear
- Bath and face towels
- Soap and toilet articles
- Shower shoes or flip flops
- Warm jacket or coat
- Athletic clothing and tennis shoes for recreation and morning exercises
- You may bring a camera, cell phone, musical instruments / sheet music 
- Cash for use at canteen
          (extra Boys' State T-Shirts may also be purchased)   

*You may choose to bring a laptop, iPad or other Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) at your discretion. There is no secure storage for valuables.

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