Virgil F. Baston

Virgil F. Baston

Attended: 1955
Legion Post: #0
Party Affiliation: Frontier

Occupation: Professional Engineer, Retired

Dr. Virgil F. Baston’s academic background includes an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, a graduate degree in physical chemistry, post-doctoral studies in physical chemistry, and he is a licensed professional chemical engineer. Dr. Baston has numerous peer reviewed and published journal articles and technical reports as well as co-author on patents. He also holds membership in a number of professional technical societies that include: ACS, AIChE, ANS, NSPE, and the prestigious Sigma Xi Society. His professional career involved working in various technical fields principally in the energy, environment and corrosion areas. Dr. Baston is currently retired but remains active in professional endeavors.

"[We] were told by a couple of school teachers I respected that, if I wanted to succeed in life, I had no choice but to focus on and work my way through school regardless of what it took. I guess the world I grew up in also reinforced that perspective and hence, it was school and work for this young male..."

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