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This page provides local Post Boys' State Chairmen with information pertinent to assist in recruiting applicants and selecting delegates for the Boys' State session. Additional attachments are available on this page to assist with the process. Please feel free to submit specific questions to, or call at (307) 228-0515.

General Information for Post Boys' State Chairmen

Session dates and location

The 2023 session will be held June 11–17 at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Please note this means the first day of the session will be on Sunday, and the last day will be on Saturday.

Fees and Refunds

The cost per delegate to attend Boys’ State is $400. In past years, we have suggested a split in the cost, where a portion was paid by the local Post, and the delegate paid a smaller “registration fee.” We have found that when the delegate has paid a portion of the fee, they are more likely to attend in the end, avoiding the high number of no-shows that we have had in prior years.

The decision on how to cover the cost is up to each Post individually. Commonly used strategies include:

Delegate funded with reimbursement:

Have the delegate pay the $400 up front, to your local Post, at the time of registration. Your Post will then send to Boys’ State the amount of registration fees required for the number of delegates you are sending. Following Boys’ State, request that the delegate return to the Post, and present a report to your membership. When this is completed, a portion or all of the registration fees can be returned to the delegate.

Post funded with non-refundable delegate contribution

Have the delegate pay a smaller “administrative fee” to your Post, at the time of registration. Your Post will then send to Boys’ State the amount of registration fees required for the number of delegates you are sending. The administrative fee is non-refundable, and contributes to the overall cost of $400 per delegate.

Completely sponsored

The entire delegate fee is covered by your Post.

Note: This year, we ask that each Post send only one check for the full cost of the delegates you are sending. Please have any delegate portion paid to your Post.

No matter which option you choose, we will utilize the following refund schedule:

Cancellation Deadline Amount Refunded to Post
April 14, 2023 $400
April 28, 2023 $200
May 12, 2023 $100
After May 12, 2023 No refund

It is at the discretion of each Post to determine how, or if, they will refund any portion paid by the delegate.


Transportation to and from Boys’ State is the responsibility of the Post. No arrangements are made by Boys’ State. Posts may arrange transportation by the Post, or arrange carpool options with parents. Delegates may also drive themselves, and will be required to surrender their keys when they arrive in Laramie. We ask about these arrangements at the time of registration, so please have this conversation with the delegates prior to them registering.

College Credit

An additional item to highlight when talking with school guidance counselors or prospective applicants is that Wyoming Boys’ State offers 3 college credits through Laramie County Community College. These 3 credits are offered at a reduced rate of $40, which we will collect at the session. All a delegate has to do is attend and participate fully in the session to receive the 3 credits. These credits are classified as elective general education credits, which means that they will count towards the overall credit requirements of most undergraduate degree programs.

Process & Deadlines

Application Period: January 15 - March 19

Applications officially open on our website,, on January 9. Applicants must utilize our online application. We cannot accept delegates who have not completely filled out the online application.

When the applicant fills out and submits the online form, they are emailed a copy of their application. This does not complete the application process. From this point, they must turn that application into either their school counselor, or your Post. It is very important that you have a conversation with someone in your school’s guidance office so that they are aware to contact you when an application is received.

We receive on our end a confirmation that an application has been started, as well as when it has been submitted. If you would like an email with applications in your area as they are submitted, please let us know by sending an email to with the schools you oversee. Please use this as a backup, but not as a primary way of receiving finished applications from applicants or your schools. We have found that when the local Boys’ State Chairman has a relationship and consistent contact with the schools, the number of applicants and delegates increases in those schools.

Selections and Acceptance: March 20 - April 16

Once you have received the applications in your area, it’s time to select the delegates that you will send. Beyond the application they submit, you can request that the students submit their transcript, an additional essay, or participate in an interview process to help you with your selection. Boys’ State does not have official criteria for acceptance. However, note that many of our past delegates either perform well academically, are involved in a number of co-curricular groups or athletics, or have a special interest in public service.

Once you have selected the delegates you will send, they must fill out a blue registration card. The card must have both sides filled out, along with a parent signature. When this is returned to you, please have your Post Commander or Adjutant sign the portion that is required by the Post. This certifies your official sponsorship of the delegate.

Return the registration cards, along with the registration fees ($400 per delegate), to Department Headquarters.


Registration: April 17 - May 31

When Boys’ State has received the registration cards for the delegates, we will begin the online registration process. We will utilize the email address the delegates list on their registration cards. Please reiterate this with the delegates you select.

We will create an account for them on our online software called CampDoc. This is where they will complete all relevant registration for the program, including medical history, emergency contact information, submitting their legislative bill, and applying for optional college scholarships awarded during the session. The Boys’ State program will handle this portion unless we encounter issues with contacting the delegates. 

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