Session Bills

As part of your attendance at Boys' State, you are required to submit a legislative bill. Your bill will be presented to the Boys' State legislature, and may become "law" if it is passed. Please look at previous year’s legislative bills to help generate ideas and get an understanding of formatting. Each bill should be roughly 200-550 words. All bills must be submitted online through the registration portal.

Keep in mind there are 5 major components to a legislative bill:

1.Title - The main sentence to help the reader understand your intent

2. Definitions to help ensure subjective terms are understood

3. Action - the actual addition/deletion/change to current law affecting a program, policy, criminal act, etc.

4. Funding needed, if any, to uphold or enforce your bill

5. Effective Date - at what point the law will change to affect everyone equally

Example Bills

2014 Boys' State House Bills 2014 Boys' State Senate Files
2015 Boys' State House Bills 2015 Boys' State Senate Files

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